Free Gregory Hypnosis Video with Hypnotic Spiral and Suggestions
The Hypnotic Spiral and Suggestions you see here uses a hypnotic induction technique.

It is widely used in various forms to create a focal point for people wishing to develop the hypnotic state.

If you watch and listen for a short time you will probably feel "different". Perhaps drowsy or sleepy.

Try turning the lights and all phones off , and watching full screen if you have a good internet connection.

The revolving spiral allows you to "block out" distracting thoughts and become more receptive to the Suggestions which follow the induction.

In a personal Session , if Suggestions are given in a professional manner by an expert who has understanding of your problem , you should feel benefits.

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Everyone varies in their ability to accept Suggestions to their sub conscious.

Generally most people can reach the desired state with a little practise.

The entire video runs for 16 minutes. Watch it all if you can. Then come back as often as you like for continual improvement.

Share this with your friends , family and co workers. Help and watch them change for the better.




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Free Gregory Hypnosis Video with Hypnotic Spiral and Suggestions

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