What is a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
What to avoid when selecting a Hypnotist and what to Expect

Hypnosis is many things to different people. Someone who performs it is called a Hypnotist or specifically a Hypnotherapist when conducting treatments in a Practice setting.

The Practice ( treatment version ) is usually called Hypnotherapy but the terms Mesmerism , NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and even Hypnotism and Mind Control are sometimes used as well.

The truth is it is all talking about the same thing. A process leading to a mental state of heightened suggestibility in the subject being Hypnotised.

There is still no medical or scientific explanation of exactly what occurs to create the “Hypnotic state” in the subject. However there is plenty of evidence of it’s benefits.

Some common misconceptions :
“I may not wake up” .......Hypnosis will turn into normal natural sleep if the subject is left alone for a while. I have never heard of a person not waking up.

“I will lose control of my mind” ......On the contrary , you have more control.

“Don’t you have to be stupid or weak willed to be Hypnotised ?” ....... No. Quite the reverse. The better the concentration and mental powers of the subject the better the results. A drunk person cannot successfully be Hypnotised.

“Is it like Stage Hypnosis ?” ......Very different. The stage attracts people who are ready to perform at the drop of a hat. Many people who go up on stage are very prepared to have fun with the audience. The setting is bright lights , curtains , music etc. which makes it an entertaining environment. You volunteer because you want to make people in the audience laugh.

With Hypnotherapy you are seeking help and some kind of benefit such as giving up smoking.

“I can’t be Hypnotised” ..... Everyone is capable of learning the skill of being Hypnotisable. Unless you have very bad concentration or you actually refuse to follow the Hypnotist’s instructions , you can be Hypnotised sufficiently to attain tangible and obvious benefits.

Of course not everyone can be Hypnotised by every Hypnotist. Just like you have your favourite Doctor who you will take advice from , so , you may have prejudices which prevent a certain Hypnotist from “putting you under”.

What to avoid when selecting a Hypnotist ( or Hypnotherapists ) and what to Expect :

I would recommend firstly that you like him or her. So avoid a Practitioner who you can’t stand. You have to listen to the voice so be sure it’s not repulsive to you.

Avoid overly expensive sessions. This is common sense. You don’t want to be paying too much per session.

Also avoid anything too weird. It’s OK to ask questions about the session itself.

On the positive side , you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity in every aspect of your treatments. You will generally get out of a session what you need.

Basically , although your Hypnotist is your guide , it is up to you to allow yourself to be guided.

The great secret about Hypnosis is , that all Hypnosis is actually Self Hypnosis.
You are being guided and helped to achieve the Hypnotic State through your willingness and desire to receive specific benefits which you have previously sought. There should be no big surprises , let downs or disappointments. Everything should go as you planned with greater or lesser results depending on several things.

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